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23 is a project Terri Berri released on her birthday October 17th, 2017. The song and video was rooted in Terri's personal growth from a young girl to the woman she is now. Transcending from a mindset of caring deeply about how others thought about her, to fiercely living her life with the gift of forgiveness guiding her steps. It was the first time Terri Berri simultaneously produced a song, wrote it, and developed a concept for the visual on her own. With the help of Terri Berri's good friend, and fellow creative Mitchell Johnson she was able to bring this vision from her mind to reality. 

*Song available for download at bottom of page*

Articulation Nation

This experimental 

expressionistic visual is only available here on

Articulation Nation is actually a freestyle that Terri Berri recored in her home when she finally got her hands on her own basic recording equipment. Even when words are difficult to come by, there is always freedom in expression.

Thank you to my Chicago Supporters who came out December 27th,2017 to my very first single release. It felt amazing to be home and share this milestone in my career with everyone. I am humbled and grateful for all of your love and support. 

This is only the beginning. 

-Terri Berri K 

Terri Berri Owns NO rights to this track. This song/video was created for creative purposes only. Original Artist/Producer of the track is Mobb Deep/ Havoc.

Legacy is a song that Terri Berri used to express her desire to leave behind a legacy of value. A legacy that promotes hope, passion, and vitality to combat the social injustices in the world.

The visual content was shot in the home of Terri Berri on her Mac computer to demonstrate that you do not have to have "fancy equipment" to share a positive, powerful message. Use the resources you have to the best of your ability, and share your voice with the world. You never know who may see/hear your work and want to lend a helping hand to enhance the quality the next go round.

Terri Berri K with her long time dance sister Shameeka Choice, and Choreographer/Mentor Florence Walker-Harris

Terri Berri K & her Back Up Dancers/Singers  

  (They are all family first!) 

Izaiah Harris, Breana Payne, Asja Stamps, Mica Dugan, Zahria Mundy, Aniyah Harris

Terri Berri K, her Back Up Dancers/Singers, and Choreographer/Mentor.

  (They are all family first!)

Izaiah Harris, Breana Payne,Mica Dugan, Zahria Mundy, Aniyah Harris, Asja stamps, Florence Walker-Harris

Candid Momentzzz 

Look who came out!! Terri Berri's elementary school teachers...Now That's love ! Forever grateful for educators who support their students.

Mr.Jared Brown, Mrs.Tonya Weatherly, Mrs.Childs-Beavers, Ms. Monica Chatman

HUGE Thank you to Smoke Filled Room Chicago, for hosting such an unforgettable night. My gratitude for Wayman Freelon and his amazing staff extends past vast mountains. 

23 is Available to download exclusively on

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